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      1. Agreed.

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a jointer planer combo .. just the particular Jet model that I bought. I think if you bought a well make one it could be just the right thing.

  1. Hi Marlyn
    I like you site and you do some nice work. Ifound your site from Plane Shavings Blog. I was browsing your blog and then I saw you had visited my site. I like you site and just signed up to ‘Follow” your post.

    How do you like the Dewalt two speed planner? Does the 179 cuts per inch make a big difference? I have an old Ryobi 10″ planner and need another one.

    Handcrafted Woodwork

      1. Well, let me know if you upgrade. I think I’m headed in the helix direction…on my 4th set of blades you see and the planer is only 6 months old!

  2. Christopher Schwarz posted an article in a recent PWM going over routine maintenance of these planers. I’m getting better performance and longer blade life from cleaning the pitch that accumulates under the blades, lubricating and cleaning the bed and lubricating the rollers. None of that is in the owner’s manual. I’m not jonesing for a helix now!

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