We own a 1906 home in Seattle that we’ve been steadily renovating.  I started building furniture in earnest after our remodel added a garage in 2009.  About that same time I found two things that really got me going – the Wood Whisperer Site and Wood Class at the local Community College.  The Wood Whisperer gave me the know how and Seattle Central Community College gave me the tools to get started. 


I’ve always been intrigued by furniture.  But growing up in the south, taking Jr. High shop class as a female wasn’t permitted.  I finally took a wood working shop class at a local high school in 2006 but had trouble getting the information I needed and didn’t quite finish my project.


The best thing about woodworking is the community I’ve found.  I have woodworking friends all over the country.   My local woodworking chums have been a source of inspiration and support.



I use a mix of hand tools and some power tools in my new garage shop.  Most of my work is for our house and shop.  Occasionally I also get the opportunity to make something for some one else.  

The purpose of this blog, for me, is to help me remember how I do things.  Since I’m working on things in short bursts of time and projects take a long time, it’s good to capture the information in a shop journal.

Hopefully, you’ll find something useful or interesting here as well.

If you’d like to know what I do for work, you can check out my work blog here: 

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  1. wow, what an informative and interesting site! I’m relatively new to woodworking and am building my second guitar. I’m building it at a workshop where all we use is hand tools, except for a band saw and a drill press. I’ll definitely trawl through more of your site!

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve learned a ton from others sites some of which I also have listed on mine.

      BTW, I’m totally impressed by anyone who makes instruments! I’m looking forward to watching and learning from your site as well. 🙂

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    Just wanted to say Hi. I have been lurking here (in a good way) the last couple of day’s, I really enjoy your work and blog.

  3. Hello,
    I have read your articles with great interest. Much like many others you have provided a lot of inspiration. Thankyou for that.
    I recently read your post regarding our mitre box, and was especially interested in how you restored the saw included. Could you possible give any pointers regarding the removal of the former rivets? I recently obtained four very old saws featuring similar rivets, which I would remove before reworking handles and blades but am not sure whether to drill them out, or to use a different method.
    Kind regards

  4. Hey,

    I was just browsing through your site and there were some non-working references that I ran into. For instance if you go to http://sheworkswood.com/instructional-resources/dovetailing/ and try to click on Chopping a mortise , you’ll notice the link doesn’t send you to where it should (or am I the only one experiencing this)? There are a few more cases like this and I’d be happy to point them out if you’d like me to. I’m just letting you know because I realize how difficult it can be to find these little issues when you are busy running a website, so thought I’d help out a little bit.

    Thanks for your great content,

  5. Great Website. I am down here in Tacoma and just starting my hand tool woodworking adventure and your blog is a great inspiration to me I am taking weekend classes at the Port Townsend woodworking school and learning everything I can online and DVDs. Its a bit challenging at times but hopefully I can make it to your level. I hope I get to bump into you at a Seattle woodworking event some day.


    1. Thanks! Sounds like you’re off to a great start.

      If you like, you could join us for the local Seattle Modern Woodworking gatherings. If you’re interested send me an email @ muthrie@gmail.com. BTW there’s a tool swap this weekend at Seattle Central Community College that you might be interested in as well.

  6. What a great, heartening site. I am an antiques restorer and am looking to take a course–preferably one with mostly women, and women of all ages at that–to learn to use some hand tools that at this point still baffle me. I had heard of a woman who had gotten a grant to teach woodworking classes but have been unable to find her site. I believe she was located in either Vermont or New Hampshire, but I’m not sure. Do you know of her? My email is straydogantiques@me.com. I would so appreciate any info. Thanks much. Hilary

  7. Not really a woodworker myself but I could spend HOURS perusing your gallery. So much talent, beauty and originality. It’s like creativity PORN.
    You’ve really inspired this suburban girl in Australia to start woodworking. I’ve built a few custom mailboxes out of bits of iron, wood and other materials but its my dream to create personalised, special custom letterboxes. Some new designs now to include more wood.

    Beautiful stuff. I’m so surprised this is not your permanent living.

  8. I’ve been reading your posts for the last couple of hours. I find it really inspiring. You definitely got a new subscriber!

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