Glam Shots for the School Box

26 Nov

The last photo for the School Box.  See my Instagram profile for more info.


The School Box

24 Nov

I finally finished up my School Box / Carving Chisels Chests.  I’ve been posting along the way on Instagram, so I thought I’d put the whole thing, minus the finish which will be in the next post.  Here’s the blow by blow in the captioned pictures.

Making the Carcass

Fitting the bottom and dividers

Making and installing the molding

For more on my the box:

Carving the top of the School Box / Carving Tool Chest

Milk paint finish on the School Box / Chisel Chest




Making the Crucible Improved Pattern Dividers

15 Oct

I find manufacturing process fascinating.  An now that John Hoffman, Raney Nelson and Chris Schwarz are make tools that I use .. how could I resist posting this?


Framing my carving

19 Jul

I got a chance to frame my finished carving.  Here’s how I did it.

Final Acanthus Leaf framed (1 of 1








Finishing up some Carving Projects

4 Jul

I got a chance over the long weekend to finish up a couple of carving projects.  The bowl is made from red alder and the Acanthus leaf is carved in Alaskan yellow cedar.

Hopefully more carving soon.

Acanthus Leaf (2 of 5


Carving Project with Mary May Continued

14 Jun

In the photo gallery I walk through how I did the end of the rays in the Sunburst carving.  See previous posts for more information.



Carving Project – Mary May

13 Jun

This week I’m working on a project in Mary’s class under her wise guidance.  I promised myself that I would take lots of pictures of the progress as I went along and talk a bit about the cuts that I’m making. 

So here goes.