Making the Crucible Improved Pattern Dividers

15 Oct

I find manufacturing process fascinating.  An now that John Hoffman, Raney Nelson and Chris Schwarz are make tools that I use .. how could I resist posting this?


Framing my carving

19 Jul

I got a chance to frame my finished carving.  Here’s how I did it.

Final Acanthus Leaf framed (1 of 1








Finishing up some Carving Projects

4 Jul

I got a chance over the long weekend to finish up a couple of carving projects.  The bowl is made from red alder and the Acanthus leaf is carved in Alaskan yellow cedar.

Hopefully more carving soon.

Acanthus Leaf (2 of 5


Carving Project with Mary May Continued

14 Jun

In the photo gallery I walk through how I did the end of the rays in the Sunburst carving.  See previous posts for more information.



Carving Project – Mary May

13 Jun

This week I’m working on a project in Mary’s class under her wise guidance.  I promised myself that I would take lots of pictures of the progress as I went along and talk a bit about the cuts that I’m making. 

So here goes.


Mary May’s Carving Class

10 Jun

So I got to spend the week learning to carve from Mary May at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.  Here’s the last project of the week that we did.  I didn’t quite finish it but you get the idea of a Acanthus leaf.  Class was great fun and Mary’s laid back approach to carving was tons of fun.


My First Carved Bowl

20 May

A couple of weeks ago, a red alder fell into one of our city streets.  The city did a wise thing and cut the tree up into wood worker sized logs. Red Alder, I learned turns bright orange on a cut surface after a day or more of exposure.  So here are my progress shots.  Most of my work was done with my bowl adze. County Workshop is also where I got my bowl gouges.