wrap around feet (1 of 2)

Desk .. Done .. Thank Goodness!

Final Desk Pictures this Weekend .. Promise!

Finishing up the fold down front

Creating the key board drawer front

My last piece of curly cherry ..

The desk parts are piling up ..

Glue up and sneak peeks

A pile of drawers ready for finish

Sneakin’ in some time to work on the drawers

Two drawers in

Hide glue on plastic

Desk pull out work surface, bread board ends and draw bored pegs

Fitting the doors and adding hinges

Finishing up the doors

The doors

The top .. after the first coat.

Band sawn panels

Starting on the doors

More work on the top

Routing grooves for splines and makin’ a top!

Another top shot

A sneak peak at the desk top

First drawer installed

Half Dovetailed Stretcher

Finishing up the left side

More progress on the desk.

Getting help and simplifying

Glued and Stamped

Bathing in the warm glow (smell) of hide glue ;o)

It’s a cabinet!

Jack Rabbet!

Getting Even

Rabbeting the Backside and a little more progress

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas .. I mean a desk.

Slow but steady progress on the Desk

The desk, making mortises and the ugly jack plane

Sketch up done, now on to some woodworking

Sketch Up complete

Starting the Desk

This year’s desk project

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