Auger Bits – Owl

Auriou – forged hand tools (rasp) and tool making videos

Andrew Lunn

Bad Axe Tool – Hand Saws

Benchcraft – Bench vises

Bickford molding planes

Big Wood Vise – Wooden Vise parts

Blackburn Tools (the rake maker) – Saw File and Vintage Tools

Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply – supplier of choice for specialty fasteners in the Blacksmithing, Metalworking and Woodworking communities, Restoration work, and the Building Trades.

Blue Spruce – Hand tools – Chisels, marking knives

Bontz Saw Works – hand saws

Bridge City Tools – heirloom tools

Bull Frog Rust Protection

Byrd Tool – Spiral Head Cutters

Caleb James – Plane Maker

Clark Williams – Wooden Planes and DVDs

Czeck Edge Hand Tools

David Finck – Making Wooden Planes

Eden Saw – Port Townsend Lumber Yard

Hardware City Tools – plane handles -Bill Rittner

Highland Woodworking

Hock Tools – Blades and Such for Planes and Plane Making

Horton Brasses – Campaign Hardware

Hyper Kitten – Vintage Tools for Sale

Jim Bode Tools – Vintage Tools for Sale

Joe Woodworker – Veneer

J-Wilding – Hand plane maker

Kestrel Tool – Carving

Lee Valley

North Bay Forge – Carving

NW Wood Online – Local Lumber Yard

Philly Planes – Fine Wooden Planes Made in England

Sandys tools – Vintage Tools for Sale

Shop Woodworking – Books, etc.

Spoon Carving Tools

St. James Bay – Tool Company

Super Tool – Vintage Tools for Sale – Superior Works

Superior Saw – Sharpening

Timeless Tools & Treasures Store – Short Hill Studio

Two Guys in a Garage – Saw Handle Templates

Tool Engraving – Catharine Kennedy – tool engraving

Tools for Woodworking – Classic hand tools, new hand tools

Vesper Tools – Sliding Bevel, Squares, Marking Gauges

Walke Moore Tools

Wilding – Plane Maker

WK Tools – Egg Beater Drills

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