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We completed a 900 square foot addition to our house in early 2009 which include a bathroom.  A place was needed for toilet paper and other bathroom essentials.  The Wood Whisperer guild was doing a bathroom wall cabinet build so I joined in to build this.  After it was completed, I made another larger wall cabinet for my hand tools.  That story here -> Tool Cabinet

Below are the links that tell the story of my build.

Finish: General Finish – OutdoorOil 
– foam brush applicator and after a few minutes wipe off and remove pools.
Wood: African Mahogany

Some of the previous posts:

Final Pictures of the Wall Cabinet

The Hinges are in

Before finishing, I installed the door hinges.

Drawer all glued up

A bit about how I did drawer construction.

The answer is 4

Cutting dovetails for the drawers.

Mouse TP??

Fitting the doors

Today was groove makin’ day ..

More on the door frames.

Startin’ on the Doors

Creating the door frames.

Cabinet Glue Up and Styles

Cleaning up Mahogany door material with the Jack and Smoother.

Workin’ on the Wall Cabinet

Installing hinges and stamping my work.

Encountering the reverse grain that I keep hearing about

Cutting Dovetails for the cabinet

Wall Cabinet – Dovetails laid out and partially cut

Time to start the next project – Guild Build # 2 – The Flippin’ Potty Cabinet

The Wall Cabinet Home

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