My Workbench Journey

Posts about my workbench build .. which has been a long process.  Newest post at the top.  Photos in order of completion.

My original work bench was a weekend mdf topped workbench.  I’ve converted it to a Roubo-like bench.

Ding dong! The Workbench is done! – Click this link for the full story and most of the photos!


Deadman complete

Tryin’ out the new bench vise

Vise details

Oh the bench is back!!!

Benchless in the Seattle .. oh the horror!

Making the track for the sliding deadman – Part II

Making the track for the sliding deadman

Rabbets, rabbets, rabbets ..

Base and ledger strip installed

Draw bore pegs done right .. this time :o)

Golden Pegs

All fantasy should have a solid base in reality

Leg Vise Complete!

Yippee .. back to the workbench

Leg vise – installation of the vise nut

Lessons in Drawboring

More work on the Leg Vise

Leg Vise and Parallel Guide

Drilling holes in the workbench legs

Hand cutting the tenons

Workbench Mortise

Yup, still workin’ on the work bench ..

I hate having two big projects going at once ..

Tool Cabinet interruption – Workbench stock break …

Trip to Edensaw


Ok, who has their workbench against the wall and l…

Fun with Scrubby, Jack and John

Modifying the workbench for hand planing

5 Responses to My Workbench Journey

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  3. Dave says:

    Very nice. I would like to build one of these when I have the extra money to spend on lumber. In the mean time I was thinking about building a simple bench that would give me something to work on right now. It would also make building a Roubo workbench easier later as I would have something to work off of.

    Do you have any info on your mdf workbench? Pictures, plans, or a place where I could find info on building one?

    Traditional Skills Blog

  4. Greg Gimbel says:

    I have been wanting to build one of these benches for a long time now. I love the polished benchcraft hardware and it looks like cocobolo handles. A beautiful bench, great job!!

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