Deadman complete

Back to the workbench! (yippee!)  First the layout, of course.

After cutting the overall shape on the band saw,  I used my newly installed leg vise to start the final shaping.  First using the spoke shave to get out the unevenness created by the bandsaw blade.

There was a nasty knot right in the middle of both sides, but my small scraper did a really nice job of cleaning it up.

After that it was on to the rasp.  (Commentary:  I discovered rasps when I made a handsaw in Mike Wenzloff’s class and I’ve found them incredibly useful.)

The final product prior to pencil line removal.

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3 thoughts on “Deadman complete”

  1. Enjoying reading the progress, next step for me is the front leg vise and deadman. What material did you use for this step. Thanks

    1. Ah yes! I’ve been keeping up with your build as well. The entire base, deadman and leg vise is made of maple. This project has really endeared me to maple. It’s hard but really nice to work with.

  2. Can U please show closeup view of the joinery on top ? & bottom V enabling a smooth slide…..

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