Ding dong! The Workbench is done!

Here’s the final picture and the gallery to go with it.

All post can be found here:

My Workbench Journey

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11 Responses to Ding dong! The Workbench is done!

  1. Dyami says:

    Looks great. You’ve really transformed that bench into a well funcitoning beauty. Have a great time with it.

  2. Great job! I really like the photo story board in the post too. I can’t wait to get my bench to the same state.

  3. Jameel says:

    Great Job Marilyn! Crisp details and nice photography. Enjoy….

  4. BarbS says:

    The Storyboard works Great. It’s nice to see it all together. It’s a beautiful bench, Marilyn. You must be so proud!

  5. Kari Hultman says:

    Outstanding, Marilyn! Function married to beauty. Doesn’t get any better than that. :o)

  6. joemcglynn says:

    Wow Marilyn, your bench looks awesome! Really, really great – I jealous 🙂

    Did you glue the leg tenons into the mortises on the benchtop?

    • Marilyn says:

      Thanks!! 🙂 No glue on the tenons. I attached the top with 6″ spax bolts (lag bolts essentially). Having a removal top and break down bolts in the long stretchers will allow me to move it easily and hopefully without damaging it.

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