Yup, still workin’ on the work bench ..

Work bench legs in progressMore on the workbench here: 
My Work Bench Journey

.. and, yep, I’m also still working on the wine rack.

Things have been a little busy, so its slow goin’.

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6 Responses to Yup, still workin’ on the work bench ..

  1. Hi Marilyn,I see that you use the same some-what confusing system of marking legs as I do. I now use the cabinet maker's triangle in addition to the FR, BR, BL, and FL. I use B for back instead of R for rear because I find that even more confusing.Chris

  2. Good idea! Actually, after I took this picture, I had to fix one of the letters cause I'd gotten confused as well. If you look close, you can see that I also put a triangle on each where the tenon will be. I think I'll start using you method. I like it better.

  3. Shannon says:

    Y'know you're not supposed to drink the wine while building the cabinet. That tends to slow things down.

  4. LOL! Eyes was wunderin' y it was takin' so long (hic!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Marilyn,You do really nice work – I'm envious.Is that a Woodpeckers storystick? Any comments on it you can share. It looks more useful than I thought it wood.Thanks,Jim Blue

  6. Thanks so much, Jim. As for the story stick, I've used ones that I've made and they work well. My first experience with a story stick was siding around the garage door.I bought this because I have this one other project that requires accurate placement of mortises. This makes it easy to set them up. My one complaint, I'd like to be able to lay it on the board and the stop would at the top would hold it in place. You have to it to the side for the stop to work. But I'm betting I can fix that easily.Thanks for askin'. It got me thinking.

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