Cleaning up some curly cherry with my newly rehabed #6

I spent a part of Saturday cleaning up an old Stanley #6 that I bought from Josh at HyperKitten. After it was retrofitted with a new blade and all cleaned up I tried it out on some curly cherry that I bought from Hardwoods to Go.  This board was handpicked by Shannon Roger as part of the new business endeavor at J. Gibson McIlvain.

I see some very cool door panels in my future.  Thanks Shannon!

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4 Responses to Cleaning up some curly cherry with my newly rehabed #6

  1. I love that piece of wood! What kind of blade did you put in your #7? I put a Hock in my #8 and have been happy with it.

  2. I put in an IBC blade and new chip breaker. I was at Woodcraft yesterday and they were havin' a sale. I looked at the hock blade too, but decided on the IBC. I have a Hock blade in my little wooden smoother and really like it.I agree on the wood. It's going to look really nice a panels for the doors my my desk .. that I'm procrastinating on. Some times a small project is just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Shannon says:

    I knew that board was going to be beautiful. I was so tempted to plane it when I found it but I think half the fun of buying lumber (especially online) is "unwrapping" yourself with your plane.

  4. Yes, I had fun unwrapping it. You should see the rest of it.

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