Restoring E. Sarjeant’s Hand Planes

So I was able to get Ernest’s hand planes into the bead blaster.  Also the new handle and tote arrived as well as the blade, so now for the sequence of pictures showing the restoration.  The handle on this plane was completely trashed so I replaced it with a Bill Rittner handle and tote set.  The blade was also worn down to the nub, so I replaced it with a Hock blade.  For a blow by blow on how I did it please see this post -> No. 3 Stanley Rehab.

The beauty of an unattractive plane and disobeying Schwarz .. a little bit

So the beauty of having an ugly plane that you’re going to use to do rough work is that you don’t have to spent much time cleaning it up. So i didn’t.

I did however, camber the blade .. with my Tormek.  I know scandalous.  😉  What would Schwarz say??

I used a wooden template to create a consistent camber and, frankly, I thought it worked pretty well.

After about 10 minutes, I had a nice camber that I was able to hone in about 30 seconds.  If you look close you can see where I colored the primary bevel with marker so I could see the honed edge.

The results, and nicely scalloped, but flat board.

Conclusion, this plane will work just fine!

PS.  Information on cambering blades

Tricks-in-Action: Plane Blade Cambering Jig

Camber With a Honing Guide

Why I File the Corners of my Irons

RWW 30: Thicknessing Stock the Old Fashioned Way

BTW – I don’t a jointer, so I have to flatten my boards before I put them through power planer.

No. 3 Stanley Rehab

Last week, Josh Clark put out his latest tools for sale list and there was a pretty sad lookin’ No. 3 Stanley up for sale.  I’d been lookin’ for a smaller plane and have been having a lot of fun rehabing planes.  In typical Josh fashion this “good user” showed up and was indeed a good user.

So here’s the before and after photos and a gallery of how I got there.  I installed a Ron Hock plane blade and chip breaker as well as a new handle from Hardware City Tools (Bill Rittner).  I have a couple of his handles on my Veritas planes.

This plane has some significant pitting at the toe and in a couple of places along the side.  But I just need a good user since I’m not a collector.


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