Wine Rack Installed

Here’s the wine rack installed.  I used Daly’s Profin again for the finish, sanding in the first coat with 400 grit paper and then adding in two additional coats.  Wine bottles sit in cut out that I used a rasp to shape.  Shelves are mounted in dados with glue and screws. Wood is Paduk.

This is a project that I’ll remember for a looong time.  There is orange saw dust everywhere .. and I mean everywhere.  I’ll be finding it for a long time.
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Wine Rack Progress

I made some progress on the wine rack yesterday.  This isn’t a difficult project, I just haven’t had time to work on it.

After squaring up my shelves and making them look pretty, I used the drill press and a hole saw to rough out the holes for  the bottles.

The Paduk is really pretty wood and looks beautiful with just a planed surface.

Check out  the figured walnut in my Wenzloff saw.  Wish I could take credit for that handle.

Here’s the lay out.  Now on to dado making and shaping the holes with rasps.