Bedside table – Hinges in and case glued up

In order to get the hinges in, I super glued the hinge in place using a card scraper for spacing from the side of the case.  Once I had the hinge outlined and marked using my marking knife, I knocked the hinge off the wood.  Then I used my router, chisels and finally the router plane to remove the wastes.  I used this same process to install the knife hinges in the wall cabinet with good result.

Bedside Table Leg Mortises

Cutting mortises is probably my least favorite task to perform.  I’ve been trying out a new jig.  I found this jig on the Fine Woodworking site.  Unfortunately, a subscription is required to access it, but its a subscription I’ve found to be well worth it.  You can find the video here (subscription also required).

Basically, its a big piece of squared up maple with a track to run the router fence in.

leg mortises (1 of 3) leg mortises (2 of 3) leg mortises (3 of 3)I’m really happy with how it worked.

Fun with the six board chest .. finally!

Yipppee! .. I started working on the joinery!  (No more milling)  Here’s a few shots of the progress.

You can right click on a photo and open in a new tab to get an enlarged picture.

Creating the key board drawer front

Above is the process I used to create the fold down drawer front for the pull out key board tray.  The drawer front is not yet cut to size so it will be significantly smaller.

Desk pull out work surface, bread board ends and draw bored pegs


Above are all the steps I used to make the pull out work surface for the desk.  Next I’ll make the three drawers that will sit in the cabinet and then I’ll be finished with the case.