Fitting Tenons

I just got my February 2013 Fine Woodworking magazine and they were talking about fitting tenons.  It was a good article, but I do something  a little different (not necessarily better) at least for the tenon cheeks.  Their fitting involves using a shoulder plane for the shoulder and a skewed rabbet plane for the cheeks.

Chris Schwarz talks about  it a bit here (since I can’t share the FW article).


So for what it’s worth, here’s the way I do it.

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The desk, making mortises and the ugly jack plane

I got a few more hours to work a bit more on the case sides for the desk .. which basically meant I go to make mortises.  Does anyone like making mortise?  Maybe if you have a Domino (See, Schwarz DID use power tools).    Actually this set has worked well for me.  Its a jig I got out of Bill Hylton’s book.

Oh and I got to use ugly jack plane again to get some boards to the proper thickness.  I even unintentionally brushed my finger against the blade and cut it.  That old blade seems to be holding a nice edge just fine.  But I might have to find a new lever cap  .. at least  .. for that thing. It shore is ooogly. 😉

Workbench Mortises

I got a little time to work on my workbench yesterday and got the mortises done.  I opted to use the router for this task.  Two inch, 5/8″ mortises seemed a bit daunting any other way.  So I used the spinney load tool.

BTW, I converted my router dust collection similar to Chris Wong over at Flair Woodworks (thanks for the idea Chris!). In his post Adapting a Porter Cable 890-Series Plunge Router to fit a Festool D27 Dust Extraction HoseI believe he turned his piece of PVC to fit into his router dust collection. I just went to Home Depot and bought a piece of PVC that fit and tightened it all up with plummer’s tape.