Bedside Table Leg Mortises

Cutting mortises is probably my least favorite task to perform.  I’ve been trying out a new jig.  I found this jig on the Fine Woodworking site.  Unfortunately, a subscription is required to access it, but its a subscription I’ve found to be well worth it.  You can find the video here (subscription also required).

Basically, its a big piece of squared up maple with a track to run the router fence in.

leg mortises (1 of 3) leg mortises (2 of 3) leg mortises (3 of 3)I’m really happy with how it worked.

Creating the key board drawer front

Above is the process I used to create the fold down drawer front for the pull out key board tray.  The drawer front is not yet cut to size so it will be significantly smaller.

The desk, making mortises and the ugly jack plane

I got a few more hours to work a bit more on the case sides for the desk .. which basically meant I go to make mortises.  Does anyone like making mortise?  Maybe if you have a Domino (See, Schwarz DID use power tools).    Actually this set has worked well for me.  Its a jig I got out of Bill Hylton’s book.

Oh and I got to use ugly jack plane again to get some boards to the proper thickness.  I even unintentionally brushed my finger against the blade and cut it.  That old blade seems to be holding a nice edge just fine.  But I might have to find a new lever cap  .. at least  .. for that thing. It shore is ooogly. 😉