Bedside Table Leg Mortises

Cutting mortises is probably my least favorite task to perform.  I’ve been trying out a new jig.  I found this jig on the Fine Woodworking site.  Unfortunately, a subscription is required to access it, but its a subscription I’ve found to be well worth it.  You can find the video here (subscription also required).

Basically, its a big piece of squared up maple with a track to run the router fence in.

leg mortises (1 of 3) leg mortises (2 of 3) leg mortises (3 of 3)I’m really happy with how it worked.

7 thoughts on “Bedside Table Leg Mortises”

  1. Hi Marilyn, do you have an edge guide for your router? That seems more a more direct approach. Or maybe it is just I am not in a jig mood these days. More of a waltz in double time…then a long nap.

    1. LOL! I use an accessory fence on the edge guide in the track. The legs are only 1 3/16″ wide and the router won’t really balance on that.

    1. LOL! Does anyone love cutting mortises with any method?? 😀 I saw that mortising machine Chris used on work benches and that looked like fun.

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