Creating the key board drawer front

Above is the process I used to create the fold down drawer front for the pull out key board tray.  The drawer front is not yet cut to size so it will be significantly smaller.

Cheating on my edges

No surprise, I have favorite tools.  This is one of them.  Its a Stanley No. 386 Jointer Gauge or Fence that I got off of eBay.

Some might think this is cheating, but I love it.  It positions my hands perfectly and makes jointing a edge a ton of  fun.  I don’t have to be obsessive about checking my edges and it helps me move my jack or jointer plane with easy. Most importantly, it gets a square edge ever time.

It also works nicely on end grain.

The only bad news is that its kinda hard to find and collectors like them, which can make them expensive.  If you’re willing to take one that missing a knob or otherwise not in perfect, but working condition, you can save some money.





Here’s where I found a few other options.
Hyperkitten – Center of the Table
ST. JAMES BAY TOOL CO. – under new products.
Fine Tool Journal