Topless Dutch Tool Chest with Finish

The chubby blue dutch boy!
The chubby blue dutch boy!

Yes, still not top, but I’ve finished the case.  And no worries, I have enough finish to do the top.  I’ve been waiting on hinges before I complete the top and paint it.

Milk Paint Finish with Boiled Linseed oil on top.

Six board chest glamour shots

From above.
From above.

Wood: Sapele – Hardwood to Go

Preparation: Top is sanded to 320, all other surfaces are hand planed / scraped.

Finish: Watco Teak Oil

finish (1 of 1)

Desk pull out work surface, bread board ends and draw bored pegs


Above are all the steps I used to make the pull out work surface for the desk.  Next I’ll make the three drawers that will sit in the cabinet and then I’ll be finished with the case.