2014, the TV Lift Cabinet and Glamour Shots

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The TV Lift cabinet is finally finished and its hard not to reflect on the year it has taken me to finish this project.  Its been an interesting year.  No doubt this project would have taken longer than normal for me to complete, but around the first of the year, my knee blew up  and I was out of the shop for a couple of months trying to sort out what was wrong and rehabbing it.  In the midst of that, my spouse’s mother lost her fight with cancer and passed away at the end of January.

We had a glorious summer here but my knee issues prevented me from hiking which is usually a major component of our summer.  I was, however, able to get back into the shop and make progress on the cabinet.

Finally, in October, my father passed away after a many year struggle with Parkinson’s.  Since I was so late to woodworking my Dad never really got to see or understand what I was doing.  His Parkinson’s trapped him in Texas and inhibited his ability to enjoy with my my new found passion.  I will miss him and wish,  as I often do, that I had started woodworking sooner.  It would have been a wonderful thing to share with him.

So here are the glamour shots of the TV Lift cabinet.  I’m very excited to have this in place and doing what it was designed to do.

Click on the picture to see it in action.


glamor shot

Information on the lift mechanism and the plan for this cabinet:

TV LIFT Cabinet Information

Finish: Daly’s Profin

False fronts on and second lid cut

More progress today.  I forgot to photograph the cutting out of the lid. I used a hand saw to make the cross cuts and my track saw to do the long rip.  Tomorrow I start finishing!

Installing Euro Hinges

Here’s a quick blow by blow.