Installing Euro Hinges

Here’s a quick blow by blow.

5 thoughts on “Installing Euro Hinges”

  1. Nice. I like all the photos, I’m kind of partial to putting loads in each post (you may have noticed 🙂 ) The tight fit on all your doors and drawers is impressive. It looks fantastic.

    All the best,


  2. Wow – this really looks good. (I like the adjustments of the euro hinges, particularly on pieces that will get a lot of use). And nice touch, showing the lines and alignment. I think we just assume that folks know how to do that, but seeing others actually doing it really helps lower that threshold to trying it themselves.

    Once again – thanks for sharing these projects with all of us!

  3. Thanks all!!! I’ve learned so much from other blogs when I find something that works I like to share it in what I hope is a usable way.

    I’m getting excited because the end is in sight!

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