2014, the TV Lift Cabinet and Glamour Shots

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The TV Lift cabinet is finally finished and its hard not to reflect on the year it has taken me to finish this project.  Its been an interesting year.  No doubt this project would have taken longer than normal for me to complete, but around the first of the year, my knee blew up  and I was out of the shop for a couple of months trying to sort out what was wrong and rehabbing it.  In the midst of that, my spouse’s mother lost her fight with cancer and passed away at the end of January.

We had a glorious summer here but my knee issues prevented me from hiking which is usually a major component of our summer.  I was, however, able to get back into the shop and make progress on the cabinet.

Finally, in October, my father passed away after a many year struggle with Parkinson’s.  Since I was so late to woodworking my Dad never really got to see or understand what I was doing.  His Parkinson’s trapped him in Texas and inhibited his ability to enjoy with my my new found passion.  I will miss him and wish,  as I often do, that I had started woodworking sooner.  It would have been a wonderful thing to share with him.

So here are the glamour shots of the TV Lift cabinet.  I’m very excited to have this in place and doing what it was designed to do.

Click on the picture to see it in action.


glamor shot

Information on the lift mechanism and the plan for this cabinet:

TV LIFT Cabinet Information

Finish: Daly’s Profin

28 thoughts on “2014, the TV Lift Cabinet and Glamour Shots”

  1. Way to hang in there through all those intense trials. Working with our hands helps to keep us on track. This cabinet will forever speak to you as an important milestone in your life. Great job.

  2. Marilyn, the cabinet looks wonderful…especially with that screen of talking heads discretely hidden. Do you ever have the tv on, but with it out of sight? Sort of a chance to re-live radio days. Or scare the cats.

    It is sad that you were not able to share your woodworking passion with your father, as it is marvelous, both in results and your processing of it. Cool that you think of him as you play in the shop.

    Thanks for sharing with us ’cause we are proud of you. May the coming year be fulfilling and not as drama-filled. Leave that drama stuff to the young’uns.

    1. Thanks soo much! I’ve no doubt that there is a prank waiting to happen with the cabinet with remote controls for both the TV and the lift cabinet. Certainly, I should be able to freak out a few guests at least. 😀

  3. Great job on a very large project. The panels in the doors are especially attractive. You have a good eye for wood selection. Sorry you’ve had family losses and health issues, hope you get a long break from those kind of challenges now.

  4. Marilyn,

    It is really beautiful and well worth the time. I am sorry about your losses and knee problem in 2014 and hope that 2015 will be a better year for you.


  5. What TV-lift hardware are you using and where did you purchase it? Nice job. It looks awesome! (Thanks for inspiring me to want to build my own.)

    1. Thanks all!!! I spent the weekend enjoying the fruits of my labor (in other words, I sat on the couch read woodworking magazines and watched football on the TV in my new cabinet. 😀

  6. After Ananda and I left on Saturday, we stopped at Chuck’s Hop Shop near your house. Why didn’t you tell us you had an amazing beer store near your place! I might be over every weekend now!!


  7. Sorry for all the struggles and loss of the year. I hope this beautiful piece will be a highlight that illuminates your memories of this year in the future.

  8. Hi Marilyn, what a stunning cabinet. I love seeing other people’s projects, you clearly have a passion for the trade and a command of the skill. I’m sure your father is looking down on you with great pride.
    Kind regards

  9. I’m a little late to the game but let me reiterate what the other folks have said: the piece looks amazing.

    Also, thanks for sharing your story with us. It helps keep things grounded and in perspective. It also reminds us of why we frequent each others’ blogs and musings: we’re humans and the human connection is much more compelling than anything else. I too, am sorry to hear of your family’s loss this year. I hope you and your partner find solace in the happy times spent with your parents.

    Cheers Marilyn,

  10. congrats as …we stand on the shoulders that come before us we become stronger and so as those that stand on ours

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