5 thoughts on “It’s finish time!”

  1. Almost party time. I’ve enjoyed following this build. Now go out and find yourself some more time.

  2. Ha! I hate it when that happens.

    By the way, isn’t it such a pain to soften all the edges (there must be a metaphor in there somewhere). I can’t tell you how many times I head to the basement thinking I’m going to “finish up” up the project (i.e. with finish) just to realize I’ve been breaking edges and final sanding for two hours.

    It’s completely worth it though and invites people to touch your work.

    Lookin good sista

    1. Thank you! I think constantly over estimate what I can get done on ALL parts of the project. The trick, for me, is to make sure that feeling doesn’t end up making me rush things. Its really hard this close to the end.

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