Topless Dutch Tool Chest with Finish

Note:  If you been directed here from another site looking for plans, I’m sorry.  There are are a lot of individuals out there representing other people’s work as theirs.  I’m not able to prevent this prevent this type of misrepresentation of my work.  Again I’m sorry.  Please don’t encourage by buying something from them.

The chubby blue dutch boy!
The chubby blue dutch boy!

Yes, still not top, but I’ve finished the case.  And no worries, I have enough finish to do the top.  I’ve been waiting on hinges before I complete the top and paint it.

Milk Paint Finish with Boiled Linseed oil on top.

More drawer progress

I was able to have some fun putting some details on my drawer fronts with an old beader I purchased a while back.

After that, I rabbeted the bottoms of the drawers with my skewed rabbet plane.  Now onto the fitting process.

PS.  Here’s the proper way to orient your board if you’re going to use the scraper to shear the fibers of the dovetail sockets.