The drawer, project archive and the last post for the Six Board Chest

Drawer installed!

drawer installed 4 (4 of 4)

This is the final post for the six board chest project.  If you’d like to find all the posts in one place instead of having to search for them you can go to the project page below or click on the link Six Board Chest under the heading Pages/Projects on the right of this page.

Six Board Chest Project Archive

Moulding for the six board chest

I used Matt Bickford’s Mouldings in Practice to do the lay out, a rabbet (rebate) plane and a No. 6 hollow to make this moulding. I also used milled on six side straight grained Sapele.  Hopefully, the pictures explain the steps sufficiently. 

Fun with Feet

Got a little bit of time to work on the decorative feet for the front of the chest.  I used my rabbet plane to cut rabbets on the back of the feet so that they’ll attach to the side pieces.  The molding will cover the seams and nails.

Its a chest!

So thankfully I put together some test joints with my nails before I put them in my final pieces.  It was splits-ville three times before I got the right size pilot hole.