Moulding for the six board chest

I used Matt Bickford’s Mouldings in Practice to do the lay out, a rabbet (rebate) plane and a No. 6 hollow to make this moulding. I also used milled on six side straight grained Sapele.  Hopefully, the pictures explain the steps sufficiently. 

Making the track for the sliding deadman

So I debated how to make the track that the bottom of the sliding deadman slides on.  I decided to use my wooden foreplane with the strongly cambered blade to take down the thickness on one side and then try my hand at rip sawing the other side.

So fun with planes first!

I kept track of my progress with the bevel gauge.

Then I cleaned up any ruff patches with my small scraper after getting it to the final surface with my Jack plane.

Then I took off the knife edge with my jack plane and jointer fence. Way more fun that scary angled table saw blades.

Wooden Plane Progress

This morning I traveled up to Snohomish to take a wood working class – Build a Krenov Style Wooden Hand Plane.  This class uses the kit and a Hock blade.  We had a great deal of fun and we’ll make it look fancy when I go back for the final part of the class.  

Here’s what it looks like so far.  The wood is Jarrah.  The plane kit can be found here.