Making the track for the sliding deadman

So I debated how to make the track that the bottom of the sliding deadman slides on.  I decided to use my wooden foreplane with the strongly cambered blade to take down the thickness on one side and then try my hand at rip sawing the other side.

So fun with planes first!

I kept track of my progress with the bevel gauge.

Then I cleaned up any ruff patches with my small scraper after getting it to the final surface with my Jack plane.

Then I took off the knife edge with my jack plane and jointer fence. Way more fun that scary angled table saw blades.

Makin’ the panels look good and a sneek peek.

I went back and forth today about whether to use the sander or plane to clean up the panels. Stupid tear out.  I ended up scccrraaapin’.  After all, folks pay a lot of money for hand scrrrapped floors?  BTW, love my little Lie Nielsen scraper for exactly this reason.  🙂

I put mineral spirits on the panels to check progress and see if I was eliminated the tear out. Wanna sneak peek of what it’ll look like with finish??

Dovetails in the Saw Till carcass .. better .. but

I made more progress on my saw till to day.  It was a glorious day to open the garage door and work.  Moses, the Wonder Dog, curled up in his hole in the yard and kept an eye on me.
First, I scrapped off the glue on my glued up panels.  Final size was ~9″.  The wood is alder (poor man’s cherry?)
Then I cut a a 1/32″ rabbet in the tail board to set the pin board in.