Makin’ the panels look good and a sneek peek.

I went back and forth today about whether to use the sander or plane to clean up the panels. Stupid tear out.  I ended up scccrraaapin’.  After all, folks pay a lot of money for hand scrrrapped floors?  BTW, love my little Lie Nielsen scraper for exactly this reason.  🙂

I put mineral spirits on the panels to check progress and see if I was eliminated the tear out. Wanna sneak peek of what it’ll look like with finish??

5 thoughts on “Makin’ the panels look good and a sneek peek.”

  1. Marilyn, I don't recognize your scraper plane. I covet it, but don't know the make and model. The panel looks excellent! Btw, I have the Veritas scraper plane and the Stanley No. 80 Cabinet scraper. Love both of those.

  2. It's a Lie Nielsen Small Scraper plane. I've also have the No. 80 Cabinet scraper, but the darn thing defies me and I haven't been able to make it work well for me. I'm going to Chis' Hand Plane Essentials class in September and am determined to come away an expert at the No. 80. In the meantime, the LN small scraper works well on a relatively small panel. Link –

  3. Just to let ya know, my No. 80 took a lot of work to make it a user. The sole was far from flat and the scraper blades are the same way. They take a lot of work to get the flats dead flat, so you can get a good hook.

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