Greenlee Butt Chisels and .. I cheated again ..

I made the dados for the shelf in my saw till cabinet this evening.  This gave me a chance to put my Greelee Butt Chisels to work and, man, they did a nice job.
I could have easily sliced the whole 1/4″ deep dado out with the 3/4″ chisel, it cut so nicely.

Training Wheels and why I love Veritas and Woodworking Guilds

Both allow me to be a better woodworker that I should be given the amount of time I’ve put in or talent I have.  First, the Veritas training wheels.  Bevel up planesand saw guides to name a few.  Here’s the saw guide.

It allows me to cut dovetails much better than I could just by hand.  This handy little guide clamps on to the board and guides the angle of my saw as I cut my tails (something my sloppy sawing technique was really messing up).  The big magnet keeps the saw stuck to the guide.


Then I can flip it over and cut the pins by carefully sawing in the waste area.

Also the woodworking guilds I belong to REALLY help.  The two that I belong to are online (The WoodWisperer and the HandTool School).  Then there are all those blogs to keep up with.  So much fun and so much help.

Dovetails in the Saw Till carcass .. better .. but

I made more progress on my saw till to day.  It was a glorious day to open the garage door and work.  Moses, the Wonder Dog, curled up in his hole in the yard and kept an eye on me.
First, I scrapped off the glue on my glued up panels.  Final size was ~9″.  The wood is alder (poor man’s cherry?)
Then I cut a a 1/32″ rabbet in the tail board to set the pin board in.