Fun with the six board chest .. finally!

Yipppee! .. I started working on the joinery!  (No more milling)  Here’s a few shots of the progress.

You can right click on a photo and open in a new tab to get an enlarged picture.

A little more tool cabinet progress

Stopped dados for shelving and a little bit of double checking to make sure things are going to fit.

Things are going so slow.  The end of the year has so many things to take me away from the work.  Oh, and I’ll be sneaking off to buy so more work to rebuild the base of my work bench.  More on that later.

Here’s a fun fact.  I started this blog about a year and 1/2 ago and I’m up to 10,000 views.  That’s pretty good as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for readin’!   

Greenlee Butt Chisels and .. I cheated again ..

I made the dados for the shelf in my saw till cabinet this evening.  This gave me a chance to put my Greelee Butt Chisels to work and, man, they did a nice job.
I could have easily sliced the whole 1/4″ deep dado out with the 3/4″ chisel, it cut so nicely.