Training Wheels and why I love Veritas and Woodworking Guilds

Both allow me to be a better woodworker that I should be given the amount of time I’ve put in or talent I have.  First, the Veritas training wheels.  Bevel up planesand saw guides to name a few.  Here’s the saw guide.

It allows me to cut dovetails much better than I could just by hand.  This handy little guide clamps on to the board and guides the angle of my saw as I cut my tails (something my sloppy sawing technique was really messing up).  The big magnet keeps the saw stuck to the guide.


Then I can flip it over and cut the pins by carefully sawing in the waste area.

Also the woodworking guilds I belong to REALLY help.  The two that I belong to are online (The WoodWisperer and the HandTool School).  Then there are all those blogs to keep up with.  So much fun and so much help.

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