Taking my new Philly rabbet plane for a spin

So I got a few minuets at the end of my week of vacation to take my new rabbet plane out for a spin.  Here’s my first attempt a simple moulding.

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10 Responses to Taking my new Philly rabbet plane for a spin

  1. Love your pics, love this tool, love the blog. Keep it up Mary !

  2. Jamie Bacon says:

    Nice! I’m jealous. How long from ordering to delivery?

  3. David Cawthray says:

    Dam you Girl so jealous of your rebate plane just wish i could afford one atm, oh well one day,

    Enjoy 😉

  4. petevdl says:

    Very cool. Nice sticking board too. Have you given any thought to making a new chair rail or crown for your house? (I still try to picture people doing it this way in the past.)

    Have fun.

  5. Jim B says:

    Looks as smooth as cream cheese.

  6. joemcglynn says:

    looks great, are you guiding it with just your fingertips on the edge of the board? Or did you strike a gauge line and start with the edge of the plane in the line?

  7. Mike Lingenfelter says:

    I just got an email from Phil on Saturday, that my Shoulder Plane was ready :).

  8. Marilyn says:

    Thanks All!!

    Let’s see .. I ordered it on June 11th and received by July 11ish .. maybe a tad earlier. Vacation got my days all mixed up.

    Haven’t made crown moulding or chair rail yet .. but there is a kitchen remodel in the future. Sooo .. there’s an opportunity.

    I did just use my finger tips as a fence once I cut a nice deep marking line. I turned the plane on its edge and widened the marking gauge line. When I make my moudling for the chest, I’ll do a play by play. This was alder, btw, and pretty easy to work.

    Mike – I wanna see pictures of the Shoulder Plane!! 😀

  9. Aled says:

    That looks excellent. I join in with the jealousy… I am waiting for my very own philly rebate along with a coffin smoother and try plane which are due any time.
    This is my first post here and just want to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog, thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Marilyn says:

      Thanks much!!

      I hope you’re going to post some pictures of your planes/work. I’d love to see what those bad boys can do .. and be jealous of you. 😉

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