10 thoughts on “Taking my new Philly rabbet plane for a spin”

  1. Dam you Girl so jealous of your rebate plane just wish i could afford one atm, oh well one day,

    Enjoy 😉

  2. Very cool. Nice sticking board too. Have you given any thought to making a new chair rail or crown for your house? (I still try to picture people doing it this way in the past.)

    Have fun.

  3. looks great, are you guiding it with just your fingertips on the edge of the board? Or did you strike a gauge line and start with the edge of the plane in the line?

  4. I just got an email from Phil on Saturday, that my Shoulder Plane was ready :).

  5. Thanks All!!

    Let’s see .. I ordered it on June 11th and received by July 11ish .. maybe a tad earlier. Vacation got my days all mixed up.

    Haven’t made crown moulding or chair rail yet .. but there is a kitchen remodel in the future. Sooo .. there’s an opportunity.

    I did just use my finger tips as a fence once I cut a nice deep marking line. I turned the plane on its edge and widened the marking gauge line. When I make my moudling for the chest, I’ll do a play by play. This was alder, btw, and pretty easy to work.

    Mike – I wanna see pictures of the Shoulder Plane!! 😀

  6. That looks excellent. I join in with the jealousy… I am waiting for my very own philly rebate along with a coffin smoother and try plane which are due any time.
    This is my first post here and just want to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog, thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks much!!

      I hope you’re going to post some pictures of your planes/work. I’d love to see what those bad boys can do .. and be jealous of you. 😉

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