Six board chest glamour shots

From above.
From above.

Wood: Sapele – Hardwood to Go

Preparation: Top is sanded to 320, all other surfaces are hand planed / scraped.

Finish: Watco Teak Oil

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22 thoughts on “Six board chest glamour shots”

  1. Marilyn, that is marvelous.
    Love its home on your front porch.
    I’d definitely come to your door on Halloween.
    So inviting.

  2. Very nice work! Is there any cut nail concern regarding rust? Maybe that’s not a concern if they also were covered with oil. That wood has some amazing figure.

  3. WOW. Speechless. You totally nailed it Marilyn, nice!

    Still, the milk paint would have been, um, provocative.

    I was curious what is in “teak oil” (and struggled to imagine pressing the oils out of a piece of Teak) , so I did a bit of googling:

    From the MSDS ( it’s a blend of petroleum distillate (white gas essentially), naphtha and linseed oil, plus a cobalt drier.

    1. That sounds about right. Smelly stuff too, so you want air out your rags and put it on in a vegetated ventilated space. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks all!

    The nail are painted so I’d be a bit surprised if they rust, But I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

    And tombuhl all trick or treaters are welcome! πŸ˜€

  5. Marilyn,

    You should be so proud. The mouldings are crisp and beautiful, the grain selection is perfection. You really have made something you can be proud of, it’s gorgeous.


    1. Thanks! And thanks for being part of it all.

      The client πŸ˜‰ was thrilled and quit surprised. It was pretty hard keeping it a secret, but it was worth it.

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