Six board chest # 2

edge jointing1 (1 of 1)

Today my friend Brick came over to start working on HIS six board chest.  Sometime this month, Brick and his wife will be welcoming a new addition and this six board chest will be a toy box for the new one.

Brick’s pretty new to woodworking and he got to try out hand planes for the first time jointing edges to glue.  His chest will be made of some very nice straight grained fir. Here’s a couple of pics.

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1 Response to Six board chest # 2

  1. petevdl says:

    Brick? Seriously? My parents couldn’t have name me Brick? With a name like that, I don’t imagine many people challenged the guy in the playground. Talk about a masculine name.

    Good luck with the build. I’m working on a fir workbench at the moment, it can be a bit splintery, but I think it is great wood.

    My little girl is almost ten, and I plan to get started on that toy chest, I’ve been planning on building since before her birth, anytime now. Honestly, I’ll get to it. Perhaps her children will arrive in time to see it finished.

    Have fun.


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