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Bowl Carving Tool Chest

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Here’s a quick picture summary on my Carving Tool Chest .. enjoy!     More glam shots.     Also, I used Burnheart sector for this project and here’s a quick clip on how to use it.

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A peek into my day job

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This video provides a little insight into why I do what I do.   Water is my thing.

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Carving tool box – Japanese styled

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 I’m making a tool chest for my larger carving tools that are currently floating around in the shop.  An ax, and adze, etc.  If things go right, the small chest will hang on the wall when not being used to … Continue reading

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I had a chance to make some more frames with some inlay this time.  Mahogany with yellow heart inlay.

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Glam Shots for the School Box

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The last photo for the School Box.  See my Instagram profile for more info.

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The School Box

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I finally finished up my School Box / Carving Chisels Chests.  I’ve been posting along the way on Instagram, so I thought I’d put the whole thing, minus the finish which will be in the next post.  Here’s the blow … Continue reading

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Making the Crucible Improved Pattern Dividers

I find manufacturing process fascinating.  An now that John Hoffman, Raney Nelson and Chris Schwarz are make tools that I use .. how could I resist posting this?

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