Moulding class interuption

Bet you thought my next post would be about my finished six board chest.  Sadly, not .. BUT for a good reason!  🙂

Months ago, I signed up for Matt Bickford’s Moulding Plane class at Port Townsend Woodworking School and it was this weekend.  As usual, it’s always really fun to go to PT and our class was a good one.  From what I can see Matt works his butt of setting up a system that works for beginners.  I can’t imagine how much time he’s spent figuring out all of this.  

BTW, moulding planes probably should come with a warning.  There is math and visualization involved.  I had a fried brain by the end of class.

Here are a few shots from class.

PS.  I also got a chance to meet  Rob Campbell of The Jointer’s Apprentice who now works there!!

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9 Responses to Moulding class interuption

  1. Hey Marilyn,

    Now that you have seen both, do you have an opinion on Matt’s planes vs. Philly’s? Are they both of the same quality?

    Any tidbits from the class that struck you as especially enlightening?

    Ok, you’ve had your break, now get back to the chest!!!!


    • Marilyn says:

      Both are awesome planes and side escapement planes. The only real difference I saw was that Matt’s rebate planes had a boxed edge. I’ve not asked Phil if that’s an option on his.

      Phil seems to have access to beech and Matt seems to have a bit more trouble getting it.

      The class was a major information dump as they often are. I’m super glad I have his book.

      My take away is the I probably only need two sets of hollows and round for what I’m going to be doing in the near future. If you’re going to reproduce moulding and fancy furniture, you might need a bit more.

      Slave driver! 😉

  2. BarbS says:

    Whew, what a lot to learn. Thanks for the photos. It sounds like a wonderful class.

  3. rob campbell says:

    Was great to finally meet you. The class looked like a blast and it was a pleasure to get to know Matt a bit during the offtime. I hope to take it myself, next time!

  4. I would love to take that class, I would also love to own a set of Matt’s planes.

  5. Mike Lingenfelter says:

    I so wanted to attend this class. I hope Matt comes back next year.


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