Workin’ on the top

I had a chance to work on the top today.  Progress has been slow because my knee has decided to flare up and hurt like .. well you know.  Sleep has been in short supply because of it as well. Stooopid knee! 

But things were feeling better today and I made some progress.  The top is a grooved frame with solid wood panel.  BTW, I love my shooting board.  I bought mine form Tico Vogt after Shannon, Matt and Marc talk about it in their WIA Wood Talk Online broad cast.  I love it!

Making square edges on my smaller pieces

I was really struggling with this mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to hold the work while planing the work.  Then I remember this:

This is a photo of Chris showing us how to shoot an edge on the bench .. apparently a french method for getting square edges on their boards.  Its also a classic picture of Chris hammin’ for the camera.

I wasn’t really wanting to rub my big No. 6 that I use for shooting across my bench top, so I decided to make a longer shooting board. It’s made of 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood with a maple stop.  Oh and I put wide Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape in the slot where the plane rides.

And wa la square edges!!

Wine Rack Progress

I made some progress on the wine rack yesterday.  This isn’t a difficult project, I just haven’t had time to work on it.

After squaring up my shelves and making them look pretty, I used the drill press and a hole saw to rough out the holes for  the bottles.

The Paduk is really pretty wood and looks beautiful with just a planed surface.

Check out  the figured walnut in my Wenzloff saw.  Wish I could take credit for that handle.

Here’s the lay out.  Now on to dado making and shaping the holes with rasps.

Ramped shooting board?

I don’t need no stinkin’ badge ramp!

Ok, not really.  I still want to build one, but I saw this clever trick in Wood Magazine this month.  Putting a small piece of scrap under the edge of the piece you’re shooting creates a ramp and moves the area of blade wear. (see arrow in picture)

This is a great excuse to continue to postpone building the ramped version.  ;o)

Then I made a walnut sandwich.  Ok, not really that either.  I trimmed up the cabinet dividers on the band saw.  Then I cleaned them up with a rasp and a little sandpaper.

The curves will allow a little bit easier access to the cubbies.