Making square edges on my smaller pieces

I was really struggling with this mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to hold the work while planing the work.  Then I remember this:

This is a photo of Chris showing us how to shoot an edge on the bench .. apparently a french method for getting square edges on their boards.  Its also a classic picture of Chris hammin’ for the camera.

I wasn’t really wanting to rub my big No. 6 that I use for shooting across my bench top, so I decided to make a longer shooting board. It’s made of 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood with a maple stop.  Oh and I put wide Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape in the slot where the plane rides.

And wa la square edges!!

7 thoughts on “Making square edges on my smaller pieces”

      1. I could be off on my dates some, there is new research coming out of china, that presents woodworking, (both furniture and timber frame,) that is in BCE time periods, so the above could be several millennium!!! 😉



  1. Did you use plywood to make your shooting board? I don’t use one often, the last one I had I cobbled together from some pretty chewed up scrap and sent it on it’s way when I was finished. I have two bench hooks, one from oak and one from plywood, I have to admit I like the ply better. Do you have any preferences?

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