Wine Rack Installed

Here’s the wine rack installed.  I used Daly’s Profin again for the finish, sanding in the first coat with 400 grit paper and then adding in two additional coats.  Wine bottles sit in cut out that I used a rasp to shape.  Shelves are mounted in dados with glue and screws. Wood is Paduk.

This is a project that I’ll remember for a looong time.  There is orange saw dust everywhere .. and I mean everywhere.  I’ll be finding it for a long time.
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11 thoughts on “Wine Rack Installed”

  1. I've never seen a wine rack like it, it looks great!I know what you mean about orange sawdust. I was working with some blood wood a while ago and I had red sawdust covering everything.

  2. I LOVE this design and will steal it with glee. I have the perfect spot in my dining room. I also have the perfect piece of Walnut too. Maybe I missed it in your previous post but what is the material in the cut outs? Looks metallic

  3. Marilyn,Padauk is one of my favourite exotic woods. I turned a pen using padauk a number of years ago and it has taken on a beautiful patina and is now a deep, rich red.I like the idea behind the design. I'd like to experiment with it and see how far I can get the wine bottle to sit BELOW the shelf. Wine bottles are the same diameter for the most part, aren't they?Chris

  4. I thought about having it sit below the shelf as well. That would look pretty cool. We have a wine cabinet in the house and the slats are 2 1/4" apart. I decided to go with that width because I discovered that wine bottles vary in size slightly and I wanted the bottle to sit similar to one another. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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