Barrel Revival

13 Apr

Look what followed us home from the outdoor market today.  I love, love, love supporting my local woodworkers and I really get jazzed when I can support a young woodworker who is just starting out and doing something cool/creative.

Keith Forsyth over at Barrel Revival made this chair from old oak barrels staves used in the wineries in central Washington.

full oak barrel chair (1 of 1)

Chair made of oak wine barrel staves. The purple staining is on the inside of the barrel staves .. I’m guessing a Merlot.



 Click on the picture to find out more about Keith and his furniture.


Everything’s better with a face frame even the view from above

25 Mar

 I’ve gotten as far as the front face frame.  I still need to do a frame on the other three sides and then on to drawers and doors.  Click on picture to enlarge.

above (1 of 1)

Edge banding and glue up

17 Mar

I used Tico’s process to attach edge banding on some of the plywood.  After that I was able glue up the case.

Here’s a quick video on how to use the Domino.

Figuring out lay out and board feet from Sketch Up .. for free

15 Mar

I just figured this out, so if you’ve had experience with using the Cutlist plugin for SketchUp, feel free to chime in.

I found this post on LumberJocks (

If you’re a fan of Sketchup for creating woodworking models, then the next obvious step is to use 

Sketchup to help you create cutlists and layouts. Sketchup plugin Cutlist 4.1 does just that. CutList 4.1 sketchup plugin helps you determine how much of each material you need to produce your design, taking into account nominal sized lumber with allowances for finishing to final size.... click to read more.

I want to build the Jefferson Bookshelf from Popular Wood Working June 2011 and I needed to figure out how much wood I needed.  I downloaded the Sketch Up model and then used the cut list plugin to calculate how much wood I need and it was pretty slick.  Cut Lay Out

Dovetails in SketchUp – Easier Than You Think – Popular Woodworking Magazine

14 Mar

Dovetails in SketchUp – Easier Than You Think – Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Some good tips on how to attach edge banding.

3 Mar

Edge banding on plywood.

Check Tico’s blog’s for helpful hints:

Doing business has been awesome so make sure you check out all his products.

Frank Howarth – Making a Bookcase

2 Mar

Good as always!


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