Twist and Shout!

17 Nov

I bought a nice 8′ piece of quarter sawn Sapele to make picture frames.  I ripped it and put it on the shooting board to cut the rabbet for the picture to fit in.  I had to clamp in down to cut the rabbet and when I un-clamped  it, check out what happened.

I’ll cut this into shorter sections to make the frame, but I’m not sure if that’s going to help.  Sigh …

Final details on the Flag Box and Shooting Boards

15 Nov Perfect fit

Final details on the flag box include fitting the back frame to hold everything in place and making the French cleat for hanging.  I probably don’t need a French cleat, but using it will help prevent the box getting unintentionally knocked off the wall.

When shooting mitres, I use two different mitre shooting boards and I haven’t talked about the Evenfall picture shooting board that I use and comes in particularly handy when I need angles that are different from 45.  Silly me build my flag box not at a perfect 45 degree angle.  But have no fear, the Evenfall picture shooting board is adjustable.

Work Impediment

12 Nov

I picked up the glass for my flag box (went to the local u-frame-it store), fit it into the box and cleaned up the face frame.  Then I ran into a serious work impediment when I went to cut the backer board …

It’s in the high 20′s and apparently outside pussy cat has decided inside is a good place to be.

Clamp Dance

11 Nov

I got the face frame glued on .. with a few clamps.  Don’t know why, but the picture made me think of a ballet.  You never have enough clamps, right? :D


9 Nov

Today I managed to sneak in a little time to cut and make the splines for the flag box.


Cutting mitres for the Flag Box

8 Nov Cutting mitres.

I love using my Miller Falls mitre box along with my Tico Shooting Board.  Both make cutting miters fairly straight forward.  I milled down my curly maple to 1/2 inch and the interior poplar to 1/4″, then cut mitres all around.

Hope my mom likes the box when its all done.


Resawing the Flag Box

7 Nov

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