Cutting boards for a friend

27 Nov

A friend of mine wanted to give a couple of cutting boards as gifts for Christmas.  So she purchased wood from Bell Forest and we followed plans from the Wood Whisperer to make them.  Here’s quick photo series on the build.


A Couple of Good Articles on Sharpening

2 Nov

Make Convex Sharpening Forms for Round Edge Tools Sandpaper Sharpening & Honing, Part 1


Setting Up A Scraper Plane

13 Oct

Link to: Setting Up a Scraper Plane

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From Walke Moore Tools:

If you’re new to scraper planes or scrapers in general, you may want to read this first.

My Lie-Nielsen #112 scraper plane has become indispensable to me since I purchased it about a year ago.  Whether I’m dealing with exotic woods, interlocking grain, or just smoothing a knot with the usual grain reversal surrounding it the scraper plane does it all and I would not be without one at this point.  But maintaining a scraper plane can be tricky and unlike hand planes, there isn’t a lot of information out there on how to set them up.  Hopefully this will help (so please tell your woodworking nerd friends).


A Quick Carving with My Newly Sharpened Chisels

11 Oct

These are tough to photograph. MKG under shellac on Doug fir.


Sharpening my Curve Carving Gouges

10 Oct

My previous post described how I sharpen my flat (letter) carving gouges. Mostly this post is about “commissioning” (sharpening them for the first time) or if I need to repair an edge.

I’ve had to do a fair amount of work to the curved gouges I inherited.  You could, as I have, change the bevel on a carving chisel with the approach I use below.  I learned this approach from my friend Anada (a_dorje on Instagram).

I use my 8″ Tormek 3 (now Tormek 4).  Ideally you’d want to use something that doesn’t create a hollow bevel (something like the Work Sharp System) .. but! .. once I have the new angle on the chisel set and polished, I usually just use the strop to keep the chisels sharp.  

So to commission a new chisel or reshape a bevel, I take the chisel to the wheel,  then 1000, 4000 and 8000 grit stones.  Then I strop.

So here goes:

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Letter Carving and letter carving tools sharpening

4 Oct

I’ve been practicing my letter and relief carving and attempting to improve my skills.  A few folks have asked me to explain how I sharpen my chisels.  

Here is how I sharpen my flat bevel letter carving chisels.

Chisel roll was made by Jason Thigpen at Texas Heritage Woodworks. Letter carving chisel is Auriou.


Relief Carving Class

6 Sep

Last week I go the opportunity to take a relief carving class at Heritage School of Woodworking. Class information here.

This was my first opportunity to put my E. Sarjeant tools to work and it was great fun.  Slowly but surely, I’m getting those chisels back in working order and back to work.

Here are a couple of the carvings I did.  All carvings were done in basswood.


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