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31 Jul


Check this out.

Originally posted on New English Workshop:


So DJ shows me a picture and says “What do you think of this tool chest?”

I glance at the picture: it’s a neatly finished Anarchist’s Tool chest painted in de rigeur Bible black with all the trimmings. Nice.

Nonchalantly, he shows me another pic’ of the interior: Equally good. Bang tidy in fact.

IMG_6910I’m beginning to think these are shots of Chris Schwarz’ own chest but empty of tools. Even the hinges are clocked North-South which really does make me think this is the Schwarzmeister’s own. Then another: the chest next to a sweet Roubo bench.  A nice, low tone shot of Chris’s shop I think. The bench has tools scattered on it and some shavings.

Then he pulls the rug from under my feet: In the next picture of the chest some joker has slid a giant copy of ‘the Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ into shot.  The penny then drops…this…

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Remember the TV Lift Cabinet

27 Jul

I haven’t blogged about it since .. sheez .. March (Everything’s better with a face frame even the view from above).  I’ve managed to get my knee functioning well again .. without surgery but with lots of PT.  So I’m back in the saddle and had some time this weekend to work on the lift cabinet.

Almost-forgotten Handsaw Tricks – Popular Woodworking Magazine

23 Jul

Almost-forgotten Handsaw Tricks – Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Kerfing plane done and in action

6 Jul

I was able to finish up my kerfing plane and actually resaw a board.  After kerfing the board, I resawed the board with my panel saw .. which convinced my that I needed to build my frame saw.  My plan is to build Shannon’s frame saw Semester 4 – Roubo Frame Saw.

Here are some of the photos of the plane:

Just as a reminder, this project is the kerfing plane project from the Unplugged WoodShop.  Saw blade and nuts from Bad Axe Tool Works.

All my posts for this project can be found on the right hand side under the Kerfing Plane Project Page.

Kerfing Plane coming along

5 Jul

Shaping done and one coat of finish.  Had some time over vacation to finish up the shaping.

shaped and one coat of finish (1 of 1)


Kerfing Plane Images

29 Jun

I’m about to start shaping my Kerfing Plane and wanted some ideas for pleasing shapes.  Most of the photos below are from Tom’s site or the Bad Axe saw site (where I got to blade for my plane),  More photos of my plane as I progress.  But for now, here are some of Tom’s pictures.

Making the Kerfing Plane

26 Jun

I’ve making slow but steady progress on my Kerfing Plane.  This is a project from the Unplugged Workshop book.  I’ve got a nice wide piece of curly cherry to resaw and its too big for my band saw.


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