More bowl carving

29 Jan


I really love this type of carving

28 Jan


Spoon Carving Video

24 Jan

Subscription  Required: 

The Simple Art of Spoon Carving

spoon carving


Coffee Table in the Wild

22 Jan

My friend took the coffee table home with her and put it in it’s proper place. Here’s a couple of photos.



Final Coffee Table Post – Glam Shots included

9 Jan

Here are a few more pictures of my work on the coffee table and a bit of the blow by blow.  Oh and a little bit on how I store my hide glue.


I need to make a shaving horse ..

8 Jan

This post means I’m starting to Think about making one and starting to collect information.  Tim Manney has a great one that I’ll be using as a go by.

Shaving Horse Base

Build a Better Shaving Horse

Shaving Horse – The Business End

shave horse

Roy Underhill video: 


Brian Boggs, Chairmaker

AW Extra – Hybrid Shaving Horse




Coffee Table for a Friend

27 Dec

A friend asked me to make a small coffee table for her.  The table is loosely based on Gregory Palolini’s design but smaller an no bread board ends.  The table will be all cherry with a clear finish which will allow it to darken in their sun filled living room. 

Here are a few progress shots.


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