It’s finish time!

19 Oct

I finished up all the details on the cabinet and started finishing.  Yipppeee!  After lots of edge softening, sanding and other detail work, I started with a base coat of shellac.

False fronts on and second lid cut

18 Oct

More progress today.  I forgot to photograph the cutting out of the lid. I used a hand saw to make the cross cuts and my track saw to do the long rip.  Tomorrow I start finishing!

Fitting Fake Drawer Fronts for the 2nd Top

17 Oct

One of the last thing is to make false for the 2nd top section on the TV Lift Cabinet.  It’s pretty straight forward but fun to do.

Second top – TV Lift Cabinet

16 Oct

I’ve finally gotten my computer situation worked out which means .. hopefully .. more blog posts.  I’ve been working away on the TV Lift Cabinet and making progress.  The end is in sight and I’m very excited to finish this project up.

Installing Euro Hinges

5 Oct

Here’s a quick blow by blow.

Doors and hinge installation

4 Oct

Today I worked on my resawn panels, cleaned them up and put the panels into the frame.  AND THEN .. I installed one set of the hinges.  I’ve never installed “euro hinges”, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  Check out the video at the end to see how I did.  

I’ll post more tomorrow on how I did the hinge installation on the second door.

Resawing the door panels

28 Sep IMG_6944

I got a chance to take my Robou saw out for a ride.  First I tried it out on a couple of practice  boards.  The first step was to use my kerfing plane to create a nice deep kerf for the saw to track in.

The saw takes some getting used to and it worked best for the board to be in the vise at the side of the workbench instead of the end of the bench.  Sawing will push the bench around if there isn’t enough weight.

After a couple of practice runs, I was able to saw the panel for the door in half.  Its beautiful cherry panel and I can’t wait to see it in the door.  And the resaw was way less stressful than doing it on the bandsaw.


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