Logo .. hmmm ..

18 Aug

Here’s the latest mock up.  Still trying to decide if I like it better.  Thoughts?2014_08Square-Logo

Brusso Hardware

15 Aug

For many of my project I use Bursso hinges/hardware.  Its quality stuff that I got turned on to by Marc at the The Wood Whisperer.  The hardward is substanical quality brass and they even include the proper size steel screws to pre-thread your brass screw holes.

A couple weeks ago they sent out a call for project photos and I sent in a few of mine.  In response Brusso did a really nice blog post on the information that I sent them and to boot, they sent me a really nice mug!


Check out their stuff if you haven’t already.

PS. If anyone can give me a hint at how to get rid of the ugly brown border around my pics, lemme know.  Geez!

Updating my Logo

14 Aug


I’m updating my logo from my hand drawn logo to a logo done by a graphic designer.  What ya think?2014_08_Logo Better?  Is it easy to tell tha the tool in the picutue is a rasp?

More Drawer Progress

13 Aug

I’m always surprised how much time things take.  The drawers have taken a surprising amount fiddling and fitting.  But they’re done and ready for fronts.

TV Lift Cabinet – working on the drawers

3 Aug

I got some time this weekend to start putting the drawers together.  I used my INCRA Ibox to make the joints for the first time.

Il Miglior Fabbro

31 Jul


Check this out.

Originally posted on New English Workshop:


So DJ shows me a picture and says “What do you think of this tool chest?”

I glance at the picture: it’s a neatly finished Anarchist’s Tool chest painted in de rigeur Bible black with all the trimmings. Nice.

Nonchalantly, he shows me another pic’ of the interior: Equally good. Bang tidy in fact.

IMG_6910I’m beginning to think these are shots of Chris Schwarz’ own chest but empty of tools. Even the hinges are clocked North-South which really does make me think this is the Schwarzmeister’s own. Then another: the chest next to a sweet Roubo bench.  A nice, low tone shot of Chris’s shop I think. The bench has tools scattered on it and some shavings.

Then he pulls the rug from under my feet: In the next picture of the chest some joker has slid a giant copy of ‘the Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ into shot.  The penny then drops…this…

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Remember the TV Lift Cabinet

27 Jul

I haven’t blogged about it since .. sheez .. March (Everything’s better with a face frame even the view from above).  I’ve managed to get my knee functioning well again .. without surgery but with lots of PT.  So I’m back in the saddle and had some time this weekend to work on the lift cabinet.


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