Another Six Board Chest

23 Feb

My friend Brick and I finished up his new toy box for his kids (one here and on the way).  He’ll be putting on finish on it some time later, but in the meantime, here are a couple of completion shots.

It was also the Lie Nielsen Tool event in town, so I got to spend some time with woodworking friends hangin’ out at the event.


Kim (@ mcintyrefurniture), me and Ann (@anneofalltrades)


Ann @anneofalltrades, Glenn, Mike, me and Ananda

For Marilyn – Crabs or Grabs

21 Feb



Originally posted on Lost Art Press:

Marilyn of She Works Wood fame asked for a video that shows how the crab lock (aka grab lock) works. So here it is. This lock was made for this tool chest by blacksmith Peter Ross. Unlike many commercial crab locks from the 20th century, this one operates super smooth.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Fun, fun woodworking video

20 Feb

Hate double sided tape?? New cool trick

18 Feb

I’ve had times when I need to hold thin pieces for planing or temporarily attach a piece so I can see it.  Here a cool trick for doing that and it doesn’t involve double sided tape.  See the video for more ideas and a more thorough explanation.


Dutch Tool Chest Tool Rack Improvements

14 Feb

I decided to upgrade the tool rack in my Dutch tool chest.  I’m an avid reader of Chris Schwarz Lost Art Press blog and a while back he posted this blog entry – The One in Which I am Slapped by Someone.  In this blog post, he details how this design allows a more flexible tool storage.  I created a double layered version to hold both tools and saws.  

The chisels I have stored in the chest aren’t my regular chisels, but a few specialty chisels that I have.  When I travel, I’ll replace these with my daily use chisels.  This arrangement also freed up some space to allow more roomy storage.

The Last of Ernest Sarjeant’s Tools

4 Feb

Below are Ernest Sarjeant’s 8″ dovetail saw and 3/8″ wide bronze shoulder plane.  Both are probably my favorites out of the collection, although that might change once I start using the carving tools in earnest (did you see that .. what I just did .. play on words .. tee hee  :D ).  

Any way, I included some of the details that make both these working tools special to me.  Mark @ Bad Axe Tool Works set me up with a new plate and Konrad at Sauer & Steiner provided the new blade for the small shoulder plane.  I couldn’t be happier with both products.  The saw plate is beautiful and perfectly fit.  And the shoulder plane blade is a masterfully made with razor sharpness.

Enjoy the photos.

Nails, baby nails!!

20 Jan

So a friend of mine wanted to build a toy chest for his daughter and asked for my help.  So I suggested the six board chest since its a pretty quick project and he agreed.  Turned out it was the right level of effort and its coming together fairly quickly.  

The amazing part about this chest is that its cross grain construction and we’ve yet to use any glue.  Its made of quarter sawn vertical grain Douglas Fir, but vertical grain  was an aesthetic choice not a construction need. The chest depends on nails to hold it and keep it together.

Here’s a couple of progress shots.

Wanna know how to build one?  This DVD will give you all the details:

New DVD: Six Board Chest


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