You can never have enough clamps!

So the Bessy test clamps are on the way!  Here’s the list of what’s coming (Left to right):

  • REVO™       2 x 24”          
  • REVO™       2 x 31”              
  • REVO™ Jr.   2 x 24”              
  • REVO™ Jr.   2 x 36”             
  • UniKlamp    2 x 12”             
  • UniKlamp    2 x 24”  
The purpose behind this is to get our impressions on how the REVO™ Jr. fits in to our line of parallel clamps as a mid-size, mid-priced product. 

Questions to be answered:
  1. Is it a good compromise to pick if the investment in a REVO™ is just too great?  
  2. What features work well for you?  
  3. What do you like?  
  4. What do you not like?  Openness and honesty please.

 BTW – feel free to share your thoughts.  That’s what this is all about after all.  I know Vic expressed concerns over small handles. I’m jazzed to try out the lighter version.  More to come as soon as the goods arrive.

Oh, if you don’t know what this is about, click here -> Revo Jr. Clamp Product Test 

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