Tool Cabinet interruption – Workbench stock break down

Today I interrupted my tool cabinet making to break down the stock for my workbench base that I’ll be building as part of the workbench guild build.  My workbench top is already complete so I won’t be making that part.

I really don’t like cutting 8/4 stock on the table saw.  It always feels kinda scary so I used my track saw to cut a straight edge and then crosscut to rough dimensions.  This is an idea I stole from watching some of Marc’s Usteam.

So here’s the pile of Western (soft) maple all cut so that I can tuck it away in the shop until the guild build is in full swing (January).

12 thoughts on “Tool Cabinet interruption – Workbench stock break down”

  1. Marilyn, I'm sure I know the answer to this questions but how is the cut quality when breaking down stock using the track saw? Everything square and straight? When I sold my table saw I had in the back of my mind the thought of buying one of these to use for house projects and DIY stuff with plywood.

  2. ohhhh no…. where did you get that much wood in the greater seattle area? I've been looking for lumber yard for quite some time now and I'm still empty pocket.I wish I could just walk into my "shop" but with 1 months old baby girl, my priority as a dad have changed…

  3. I fought my way to crosscut; I really don't like seattle and their road constructions. Got myself a piece of walnut. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  4. The next time your down in Tacoma/Puyallup area try this as a wood source. Go to their home page for directions. They cut and kiln dry their own wood. Not a fancy place, however they have a large selection of local woods.

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