Fence Progress

Here’s a few shots of how the fence work is progressing.  The fence needs a coat of primer and a top coat so it’ll be awhile before we actually get the fence up.  In the meantime, here a bit on how I’m putting things together.

I used a giant jig to lay out the panels and screwed the rails and post together.  Then used my track saw to make short work of trimming the fence to size.

I also got lots of sawing practice timing the rails and used my block plane, of course, to trim the rails to fit the mortises.

I had the contractor install the fence posts so that  my arms wouldn’t fall off installing  the 16 posts needed to construct the fence.  Then, I used my power router to make mortises/dados for the rails.

Gratuitous flower shot with fence pole mortise in the back ground.

2 thoughts on “Fence Progress”

  1. The fence is looking great! I need to tackle some house projects.

    I spent a few hours this weekend making kindling out of nice scraps of wood.

    1. Thanks .. it’ll look even better when I actually start putting panels up. In the meantime, I feel like someone beat me with a stick. House projects are a lot of work for a week day desk jockey.

      Watched you bicycle video over the weekend. Very cool.

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