No assembly required!

These arrived yesterday at our port.  They come across the ocean fully assembled (yes from China).  As some of the largest container handling cranes in the world, they are 267 feet high.  I know it doesn’t look like it, but they’re big!

So what does that have to do with woodworking.  Well, nothing really.  Except that this woodworker works at the port and had a great opportunity to take the picture.

Helicopter shots here.

But good news, I’m still working on my workbench.  Hopefully, by the weekend, I’ll have the base assembled.

6 thoughts on “No assembly required!”

      1. We all wondered where they came from. It’s hard to believe they come from China! It looks like you could tip that ship over with a stiff breeze!


  1. I think the majority of the boat is underwater. So all that ballast keeps it from tipping over. I keep wondering if they ever break loose and fall in. Bet it’s happened.

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