2 thoughts on “chisel recieving dovetail (1 of 1)”

  1. Beautiful desk. Was looking at details of how you put this together – a desk is on my to do list. Anyway, I am in the market for my next set of chisels – been doing a lot of research and saving nickels. Don’t ask what I am using now. I noticed the Narex chisel in this picture. Have seen them in the LV catalog but had not really considered them. As you know, they are affordable. Would you recommend them? Thanks.

    1. Yes! I they are good, affordable chisels. I would do a price comparison between the Veritas chisels and the narex. I had a whole set of the narex and found that I didn’t need the whole set so I kept my motley crew of various kinds of chisels (including a couple of narex) and sold the set since the set was easier to sell. I also have a couple of the Veritas PMVs and love them.

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