Some times you just need a jointer ..

I got a little time to clean up the carcass so that I can move on the .. dun, dun, dun .. molding (yikes!).  Haven’t done molding yet and the class I’m taking to learn how to do it is still far off.  Anyway, here’s a few shots of the progress.

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6 Responses to Some times you just need a jointer ..

  1. I never let not knowing what I am doing stand in my way.

  2. petevdl says:

    Now why did I think you had put those nails in drawers? Not that I see them on the chest, they are not as “oversized” as I thought. For some reason I had the impression yesteday, that you had put them in drawer sides. Ooops.


    • Marilyn says:

      I think I might have mentioned that the maple strips were for the drawers. Perhaps my description wasn’t clear.

      I thought about it a little more and the chest will be sat on while taking shoes on and off. So big nails to hold the “wall up” might be a good thing. I won’t tell my spouse you called her a wall. 😉 .. or maybe I just did. 😀

  3. petevdl says:

    No, please do not find it necessary to alert your spouse that I’ve put my foot in my mouth.

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