Signing my work and making grooves – Bedside table

I used a Paul Seller’s work holding method and a Rockler clamp to hold the board while I plowed the groove.  I was pretty happy with how well it worked.  I clamped the edges of the piece in the clamp and then clamped the clamp in my vise.

work holding - plowing the groove (1 of 1)


6 thoughts on “Signing my work and making grooves – Bedside table”

  1. Marilyn,

    What do you use to make the signature? Some sort of hammer stamp.

    Looking great. I’m jealous of the shop time. I haven’t been in mine for about a month. Sad!
    —- Glenn

  2. Marilyn, your project looks great! The plowed groove came out perfect, I always get tearout on the sides from letting the plane tip. More practice. The last time I did it I couldn’t get the plane to take a decent cut at all — and I’d just sharpened it. Then I realized I put the blade back in upside down 🙂

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