Work Impediment

I picked up the glass for my flag box (went to the local u-frame-it store), fit it into the box and cleaned up the face frame.  Then I ran into a serious work impediment when I went to cut the backer board …

It’s in the high 20’s and apparently outside pussy cat has decided inside is a good place to be.

10 thoughts on “Work Impediment”

    1. Heh! I’m actually enjoying my new companion in the workshop. He belongs to the woman two houses down. She moved away and left him behind so he’s adopted us. We’re over our critter limit, but he didn’t do well at the shelter so we took him back and have worked out a sharing agreement .. sorta. 😀

      1. I think we’re at out critter limit too. Two dogs, two rabbits, five fish, a shrimp, and last week we added a guinea pig. No more!

        It’s good of you to keep him out of the shelter.

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