Work and Woodworking Intersect

I really wish I could spend my days woodworking, but .. for now .. I have to keep my day job.  Today, both my work interest and woodworking interest had a bit of an intersection. For a bit more on what I do for work, you can take a look at my online portfolio here:  An Environmental Project Manager

I traveled south to our sister Port in Olympia to see the ribbon cutting on their new stormwater treatment system for the Port’s log yard.  Turns out logs, when they come through the log yard, create a fairly significant impact to the water ways used to get the logs into the port.  All those logs and equipment combine to make some nasty black stormwater too.

Douglas fir logs for as far as the eye can see.  There were probably other types of wood there, but pretty much every thing I could see was fir.

And yes, the ribbon was cut!

7 thoughts on “Work and Woodworking Intersect”

  1. Former environmental consultant here. Did some storm water permitting but mostly soil, sediment and groundwater cleanup. Woodworking full time now- hated consulting!

  2. Good luck Marilyn. Most of my adult life I’ve had a fantasy about being involved in some creative pursuit instead of working in software. It’s not an easy transition, but you will learn a lot of new things about yourself in the process. I know I did.

    1. Actually, I won’t really do full time woodworking until I retire which is hopefully about seven years off. And even then, I’ll only really be doing it as a hobby, not supporting my family.

      Being a wienie perhaps, but I really feel that I could ruin a life giving hobby by turning it into a job. Hopefully, I’ll have that option. 🙂

      1. I think that’s smart — one of the things I learned is that I like to make stuff, it makes me happy. When you add in having to make a living from it, having to make things you might not care about, or having to do it to someone else’s schedule the equation changes substantially.

      2. Exactly! Plus, I’ve got many years invested in the day job and I’m ready for something new. I’ll want cultivate creative side as you mentioned earlier.

        I figure put as much into wood working as I can now so that I slide right into in my next phase of life.

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