Nails, baby nails!!

So a friend of mine wanted to build a toy chest for his daughter and asked for my help.  So I suggested the six board chest since its a pretty quick project and he agreed.  Turned out it was the right level of effort and its coming together fairly quickly.  

The amazing part about this chest is that its cross grain construction and we’ve yet to use any glue.  Its made of quarter sawn vertical grain Douglas Fir, but vertical grain  was an aesthetic choice not a construction need. The chest depends on nails to hold it and keep it together.

Here’s a couple of progress shots.

Wanna know how to build one?  This DVD will give you all the details:

New DVD: Six Board Chest

12 thoughts on “Nails, baby nails!!”

      1. Thanks. Been thinking of a similar project in poplar (to be painted) with 3/4″ boards.

      2. I’ve been really wanting to build a Dutch Tool Chest. But something in me wants to build it a little more showy than pine. Mahogany or even Ambrosia Maple or……hmmm.

  1. The lumber yard would argue with you over “quartersawn” Douglas Fir.
    They would refer to it as “vertical grain”. Don’t see the reason but I guess they have their reasons. Very nice job,I might add😄.

    1. You are right .. I thought that sounded awkward when I wrote it. It’s probably a good visual reference and a good excuse to charge more.


  2. Hi Marilyn- just found your blog via The WoodWhisperer Guild site. I was trying to find out if any other members were female and voila! Here you are! Your projects are an inspiration as I am just starting out after wanting to do this for much of my life (but never a mentor). I also live in an old (1905) home and very close to you…I’m in North Tacoma. Small world! I recently took a 16hr course from Steve Dando (at Seattle’s Woodcraft) and cannot wait to learn more. For now, just watching videos of the split workbench project and trying not to buy too many tools at once (to avoid my husband having a coronary!) But he has heard me talk about wanting to learn woodcrafts for the past 15 years- so he’ll come around. Thank you again for the inspiration and look forward to reading all of your past posts/projects.
    Maybe I CAN do it! : )

    1. Very exciting! Glad you contacted me. I should also introduce you to Anne of She lives in Woodinville. It’s been very fun to finally meet some other women woodworkers. We actually just had dinner with her and her husband last night.

      Sound’s like you’re jumping in with both feet too. Mark guild has been one the best resources for learning things and it’s been well worth the membership cost for me. I’ve done 4 or 5 of his guild projects and his videos have really given me a lot of knowledge on confidence.

      Please feel free to connect with me directly at

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